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Hotjar Gudie Content
Analyze Your Content Like a Detective: A HotJar Guide

16 Jun 2020

Disclaimer: Sam and I are in no way affiliated with HotJar, pushing affiliate links, or subversively trying to get you to buy any products.  It’s just a great tool for content creators – if they know how to use it.  And that’s what this guide is about.  If you find this helpful – let me…


Estimated Read Time: 10 Min

Value Added — Why Having an Agency is the Worst Decision You Can Make

14 Jun 2020

 So, what’s the deal? Why does everybody in digital marketing want to run their own agency? Is it because virtually every SEO course and blog brainwashes beginners into the belief that being an agency owner is the be-all and end-all? Jarod and Jonathan are successful agency owners — so obviously they see the upside….


Estimated Read Time: 4 Min

Content Strategy SEO
Drive 10,000 Visits in 90 Days With Content

8 Jun 2020

The number one question we often ponder as SEOs and frequently hear from our clients is, “How do I get more traffic to my website” — and rightfully so. After all, the purpose of a digital property is to provide a solution to your visitors. The more solutions you provide for your visitors, the more…


Estimated Read Time: 25 Min

Sentiment Analysis FI
All the Feels – The Ultimate Guide to Sentiment Analysis

21 May 2020

Today’s business owner has a massive bag of tricks at their disposal to help optimize their sales and brand profile. Most marketers know how to attract new leads, retain existing ones, and how to make them all buy more. But one thing many marketers don’t know is possibly the most crucial — what do customers…


Estimated Read Time: 18 Min

Elementor Pro User? You Need to Read This!

20 May 2020

WordPress has driven my online business for the last seven years and is arguably the most essential tool in any SEO’s arsenal. With an estimated number of installs topping 455,000,000, 35% of website owners apparently agree. Countless plugins and theme combinations make it the perfect platform for the less “tech-savvy” to bring their ideas to…


Estimated Read Time: 5 Min