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Value Added – Hiring Pt. 2 – How to Hire

17 Jul 2020

This week, Jarod and Jonathan deliver part two of their take on one of the biggest challenges facing any entrepreneur or manager: how to hire and retain talented people. Despite getting sidetracked temporarily by tales of cocaine and penis-pumps, Jonathan and Jarod delivered tons of value in this episode… KEY TAKEAWAYS Get creative using industry-specific…


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Value Added – Hiring Pt. 1

23 Jun 2020

 If you’re a regular Value Added listener, you’ve no doubt discovered that Jarod and Jonathan agree on a lot of things. Such as why having an agency is the worst idea and the benefits of partnerships over white labeling of services. Well, for this week’s episode, the gloves come off… Hiring the right people…


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Value Added — Why Having an Agency is the Worst Decision You Can Make

14 Jun 2020

 So, what’s the deal? Why does everybody in digital marketing want to run their own agency? Is it because virtually every SEO course and blog brainwashes beginners into the belief that being an agency owner is the be-all and end-all? Jarod and Jonathan are successful agency owners — so obviously they see the upside….


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Value Added Ep.03 – Keeping Clients Happy vs. Getting Results vs. Being Profitable

13 May 2020

 How many times have you heard it said that all clients care about are results? While that may be true, how you measure success can easily differ from the way your clients do. It’s crucial to ensure that your goals and the goals of your client are aligned. Return on investment (ROI) may seem…


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White Label vs Partnerships FI
Value Added Ep.02: White Label vs. Partnerships

1 May 2020

   “White labeling” is a common practice in digital marketing as well as many other industries. Essentially, white labeling is when you purchase a product or service from a third-party supplier and resell it to your customers as if you produced it yourself. For example — an SEO agency purchases content from SEOButler for…


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